Mobile Grooming

We are currently unable to accept any new clients at this time. 

Our mobile grooming services offer a convenient, clean, and relaxing atmosphere you simply can't find anywhere else. 
Our Sprinter vans are fully-equipped salons on wheels containing the
following - grooming tables, bath tubs, hot/cold water, lighting, climate control, and state of the art equipment.
 Our convenient, low stress service is beneficial for every dog, but is highly recommended for elderly, timid, nervous, or hard to transport dogs.
All of our products are completely natural and 100% biodegradable.
 *We are no longer taking on any extra large double coated breeds (Newfoundlander's,Saint Bernard's,Etc) at this time. Sorry for the inconvenience.

How Our Prices Work

 Our prices are based on the time and quality of our mobile service. We simply cannot groom as many dogs in a day as a regular salon can because of the travel time, one on one service with your dog(s), Cleaning and disinfecting the grooming salon before and after each appointment. 

Our prices are based on dogs who are groomed regularly (every 6-8 weeks.)
Beside each grooming package there is a time which is the average time give, or take that it should take to groom the dog if the coat has been maintained. If we go over that time due to matting or excessive build up of undercoat we do have to charge accordingly for the time and extra labor it takes to work through a matted coat.

Long/fluffy teddy bear cuts and breed specific cuts will usually cost more because they are much more time consuming and labor intensive then a lower maintenance, shorter groom. Ex (longer drying times, more brushing, and scissor work.)

*Out of city travel fees range from $25-$40 depending on location.

Bath & Shave


(This grooming package is designed for dog (s) with a single coat that requires to be shaved.) (Ex.Havanese,Yorkie) 

Coat Specific Shampoo

Tearless Face Shampoo


Blow Dry

Thorough Brush Out

Shaved To Desired Length

Nail Trim

Ear Cleaning

 Scissor Face, Paws, And Tail

Ear Plucking

Prices Starting At

 Small breed  ($103/1 hr

( Shih-Tzu (1-24lbs)

 Medium breed  ($148/1.5 hrs

( Cocker Spaniel 25-45 lbs )

 Large Breed  ($198/2hrs)

( Labradoodle 46-70lbs)

 Extra large Breed ($248/2.5hrs)

(Bouvier Des Flandres 71 lbs +)

Bath & Tidy

golden retriever in rollers.jpg.838x0_q6
Thorough Brush Out
Coat Specific Shampoo
Nail Trim
Tear Less Face Shampoo
Blow Dry

Bows Or Bandana

Ear Cleaning

Overall Tidying Of Face, Paws, Belly, And Bum.


(This Grooming package is designed for double coated dogs who have longer hair in specific areas (bum,belly,feet) and require  brushing and a general tidy up (Ex. Golden Retrievers, Border Collie.)

Prices Starting At

 Small breed  ($98/1hr) 

( Pomeranian (1-20lbs)

 Medium breed  ($123/1.15hrs)

(Border Collie 21-45 lbs)

 Large breed  ($153/1.5 hrs)

( Golden Retriever 46-70lbs)

 Extra large breed  ($203/2hrs)

(Great Pyrenees 71lbs+ )

Bath & Brush

dog being brushed.jpg.870x0_q70.jpg

Coat Specific Shampoo

Thorough Brush Out

Tear Less Face Shampoo

Ear Cleaning


Nail Trim

(This grooming package is designed for double coated dogs with short but fairly thick hair that just requires brushing.(Ex.Siberian Husky,Akita)

Blow Dry


Prices Starting At

Small breed  ($93/45mins)

( 1-20lbs)

Medium breed  ($98/1hr)

( Shiba-Inu 21-45lbs)

     Extra large breed ($203/2hrs)

      ( Akita 71lbs+)

Large breed  ($153/1.5hrs)

(Siberian Husky 46-70lbs)


Coat Specific Shampoo

Tear Less Face Shampoo


Blow Dry

(This grooming package is designed for double coated dogs with very short and thin hair that only requires brushing. (Ex. Pitbull, Boxer) 

Thorough Brush Out

Ear Cleaning


Nail Trim

Prices Starting At

Small breed  $73/40 mins

(Boston Terrier 1-20lbs

Medium breed  ($83/1hr)

(Beagle 21-45lbs)

Large breed  ($98/1.15hr

(Pitbull,Boxer 45-70lbs)

Extra large breed  ($113/1.5hr)

(Bullmastiff 70lbs+)

Mobile Nail Trims $30

 $5 off each additional dog in the same household.

Additional Services

Paw Balm - $10

Teeth Brushing - $10
Anal Gland Expression - $23

Nail Trim On A Cat - $30

Nail Trim And Pad Shave - $35

Pawdicure - (Nail Trim And File) -$40

Nail Trim, Pad Shave,File - $45

Paw Tidy & Nail Trim - $45

Paw Tidy,Nail Trim,File - $50

Methods OF Payment
        ~Credit, Debit, Cheque, and Cash.

“A DOG is the only thing on the earth that loves you more than he loves himself.”

-Josh Billings

Our prices are based on dogs groomed regularly (6-8 weeks)

Prices may vary based on the condition of the dogs coat.

Additional fees may apply if :

- the dog is severely matted

- the dog requires multiple baths

- the dog contaminates the van with any unknown parasites

- the dog is difficult to handle 

 Canine Connections does not dematt because it is very harmful to your dog. If you're dog is matted the most humane thing to do is shave the coat.


Canine Connections does not shave double coated dogs for numerous reasons. Shaving double coated dogs can have many negative affects on the dogs coat and health. We will only shave the coat if it's a medical condition or severely matted. For more detailed information please research " shaving a double coated dog".